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Since 2004

About Me

When people ask about what made me launch Mario´s Antiques Inc., the first thought that comes to mind is the memory of my childhood as I watched my father work as a jeweler.

I was born in Argentina into a family of talented craftsmen; my father was a jeweler, and my mother was an antique art restorer. My parents believed that their trades and skills should be passed down to other generations. Everything I learned from them would prove extremely valuable to me and lies at the heart of Mario´s Antiques Inc.

I began my career working at the San Telmo Antique Fair in Buenos Aires, where I used to trade all kinds of antiques but especially timeless jewelry pieces. As a young man, I remember watching my father tirelessly working on each piece of jewelry he handcrafted. My father passed down their love and knowledge of the jewelry world and I began to fall in love with jewelry and became a “connoisseur” of the antique jewelry world. However, my passion of jewels and precious materials later led me to begin designing my own unique pieces.

After starting a jewelry business in Argentina, I decided to launch Mario’s Antiques Inc in 2004. Since then, the company has participated in several shows: The Original Miami Beach Antique Show & Estate Jewelry, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, and Lueur Show at the Javits Center in New York.

As a jeweler, my goals, are to provide my customers with jewelry of the best quality, with unique designs, and in a timely manner, just like my father did so many years ago. The excitement of creating a unique piece and the fascination for jewelry have never left me and I am sure my parents would be proud that I am continuing with their legacy.